Please read the following instructions to complete the registration

1. Selecting Certificates
Clicking on Register for Convocation button will bring certificate selection page. You will choose the certificates you want to get at convocation at this page and click Continue button.
2. Filling in your information
On the next page, you'll give an email id and add a password to create an account on this website. You also need add other details such as Name, address etc. Once done, an account will be created for you. You can login to this website with your chosen email and password.
3. Application ID
Once an account is created, you'll be logged in to the site automatically and given an Application ID. This application ID will be required to pay via DBBL. The total amount required to pay will be shown on your home page.
4. Confirm application with payment
You'll then need to pay via DBBL. Please refer to the payment process diagram below for details.
5. Verify payment
Once you've made the payments, save the Transaction ID sent to the mobile, login to this website and input the transaction id for verification. Once you've made a payment, you cannot change your application
6. Download and print the application form
If the transaction id is correct, your application is confirmed and you can download application form. Once your payment is verified, you can download the application form and print it to bring in Convocation.
enable image to see flow diagram

A flow diagram of the whole process.